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Why Do I Need Google Adsense?

Because it’s there, it’s fun and it’s free. If you’re reading this, you obviously have some interest in the […]

Adsense Tips and Tricks

Tips for Using Google Adsense

Like anything else, you’ll get out of Google Adsense what you put into it. The following optimization tips can […]

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Adsense Mistakes to Avoid

Adsense Mistakes #12 – It’s Simple, But Not THAT Simple

The simplicity and automatic nature of Adsense can go one of two ways. Some people can think that, with the seeming simplicity of the program, there must be more to it – and drive themselves mad trying to find the “secret” of success. Others can settle on the fact that it is simple and think that they do not need to do anything to make it pay – and they are just as misguided. Adsense will do most of the work for you. But that’s the point […]

Adsense Mistakes #11: Not Knowing Your Keywords

If it seems like there is a lot to remember about Adsense, then there is a reason for that – it is. Sometimes it takes almost as much knowledge not to do the wrong thing as it takes to do the right one. Sometimes you don’t have to specifically apply that knowledge, but just avoid going against it. So for anyone who feels that there is a contradiction between “don’t rely on keywords” and “make sure you use keywords”, it’s important to know where the safe ground […]

Adsense Mistakes #10: Not Being Image Conscious

Catching someone’s eye in a subtle way is not always easy. If you are in a crowd and want to get someone’s attention, you’ll pretty much have to jump around like a total buffoon and shout their name at the top of your voice to even stand a chance. But on the internet, this is not an option. You have to be more subtle if you want to get anywhere beyond the attention of a select few. With Adsense, the bottom line is obvious – you want […]

Adsense Mistakes #9: “It’s About Content, Forget The Keywords!”

Now, for all that has been said about writing to your subject and providing interesting content, there should be no confusion on the matter of keywords. They are certainly important, and outright ignoring them is not going to get anyone very far in terms of Adsense clicks. The question of balance is an important one here, and too many people make the mistake of ignoring one thing to serve another. The question “content or keywords” is a red herring. Ignore content and you will find that few […]

Adsense Mistakes #8: Too Little Content

It cannot be said too often to people looking to make the best of their Adsense website – content is king. The number of websites you will see with uninspiring content can lead you to assume that content takes a back seat to optimization, but the fact of the matter is that the majority of those sites won’t be doing much business. It is galling for many people to hear this, but unless you go for good content, you’re not likely to get very far with an […]